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Anonymous: Can you do an inspired grunge prom look(s)??

i don’t know much about grunge, so i hope these outfits are suitable and you like them! xx

2 days ago
Anonymous: Hi could you post some of perries exacts still available that would be suitable for a party please? Thank you!!xx

done xx

2 days ago
Anonymous: Im planning on dyeing my hair the way perries hair colour is now, what colour should I tell the hairdresser so I can get the colour closest to hers or what picture should I bring in?

I would show these photos. I think is always better to show some photos to the hairdresser when you want to achieve somebody’s look xx

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Instagram | 19/09/2014

Perrie was wearing these shoes from Jimmy Choo (she customized it with a lace around her legs).

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Instagram | 19/09/2014

Perrie was wearing these sunglasses from ASOS and this blazer from River Island. 

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tealourry: hey, perrie's shoes look like the Jeffrey Campbell Scully heels. I knew something about them looked familiar

wow they’re extremely similar but because of the strap i belive her shoes are from river island! thank you sooo much for your help xx

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Disneyland Paris | September 2014

Perrie was wearing these shoes from River Island.

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Anonymous: Could you do exacts on perries shoes when she went to Disneyland this week the photos just came out thanks :)

i’m looking for the outfit, i was just hoping better photos will appear. we can’t see her skirt very well :((

5 days ago
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