5secsofstyle said: I can’t send a message so can you girls message me?

We can’t sent o a message either, this is a side blog haha but did you try to submit your answers to us? xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: Have you gotten a lot of applications for the co owner?

we have 4 so far xx

1 day ago
perries-style2011: Hi I don't want to start any drama or anything but I was just wondering if you found the Zara maxi dress yourself or saw it on the perrie Edwards style tag from my blog? This has actually come off a lot more nasty than I meant it to I genuinely don't mean to sound rude or anything but I only ask that if you did find it off me could you credit me? If not then never mind but a few blogs have found it since I posted it so idk. Thank you x

I actually saw it in store, that’s why i found it! I ALWAYS credit other people when i need too, because i know how annoying it is when you find something and people won’t credit you! I genuinely thought i was the first one to find it. xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: Perrie inspired wedges or other shoes that are easy to walk in for nights out!

done xx

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Radio City Summer Live | 20/07/2014

Perrie was wearing this bodysuit from Rickety Rach, these similar shorts from River Island, this belt from Topshop and these shoes from Converse.

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Anonymous: hi I'm on mobile could you link me to the swimsuit tag thanks

here xx

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Hey hey guys. This is gonna be my last post on this blog sadly :( I have to leave perrieedwardsfashion bc I’m finding it so difficult to keep up with, since the amount of requests we get are crazy! I wish Joana, Ryan and the new co-owner the best.

If you guys still wanna see me, follow jadethirlwall-style and thrls since they’re my other blogs I’m active on! My twitter’s @JThirlwallStyle and instagram @annemariejuan (tweet / comment ‘hi’ on a photo for a follow back)!


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Anonymous: I don't know what I can combinate with my ultramarine pants, I have them for so long now and I rarely wear them because I don't know how to combinate them. Do you have any ideas, how Perrie would combinate them?

you have them in what color? xx

2 days ago
Anonymous: Could you do a few new look inspired outfits that perrie would wear please?(:

done xx

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