Anonymous: Can you do some outfits with the black heeled JuJu jelly shoes? Thankss :)

Here you have some: 1, 2, 3. Actually they look good with practically everything :)

2 days ago

Instagram | 27/07/2014

Perrie was wearing this headband from Free People, these sunglasses from Asos and these sandals from Ecote.

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harryfu3kme: Could you please do me an inspired outfit for a first day at work? It's in a clothes shop so needs to be fashionable and comfy? X

please check our job tag, if you don’t like any outfit send us another ask and we’ll do some outfits for you :) xx

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freetheirony: your blog is so lovely i want all of these outfits you have a good sense of style :)

thank you soooooooooooo much for this, you made my day! xx

3 days ago
Anonymous: Hi first of all i love your blog. So i am going to england for 2 weeks could you help me out what to take with me? Thanks xx

please check our trip and vacation tags, i think it will help you :) xx

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Anonymous: From the dungarees question I've seen a picture on little mixes Instagram of long legged ones,would you know where they are from? Sorry if I'm bothering you about them x

lovely can you link me the photo please? xx

3 days ago
Anonymous: Hi there love your blog I'm from Australia so it's winter right now could you please do a few outfits for a game night kinda thing? Xo thanks

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 xx

3 days ago
Anonymous: Do you know where I can find some more pictures of Perrie wearing the Topshop outfit in the 4th picture along in your header? x
3 days ago
Anonymous: Can you please do a set of a casual formal? its cold here. so with a jacket too

done xx

3 days ago
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