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jadeandperrie-style: Hello I'm a new Jade and Perrie Style blog and I was wondering if you can tell your followers to follow me ? xx.


1 day ago
Anonymous: Do you know where I can get a similar black lace top that perrie has from missguided? It's called the Telimesa Bardot lace crop top but it's sold out & I can't find one anywhere :(

this was the most similar i could find xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: i just got the black joni jeans from topshop that perrie has, can you make some outfits with them please? thanks

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 xx

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tealourry: Can you do some cool jumpsuits and stuff? Like MOTO similars from topshop and whatnot?

can you check our jumpsuit, playsuit and dungarees tag please? xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: Can you do some inspired swing dresses?

done xx

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unnamedroyalqueen: Can you make a masterpost with inspired from 'Stradivarius'?Thanks!I love your blog please dont listen to haters!They are just jealous bc you own the most amazing account here and you are always willing to help us and you are cool and the best!<3

Posted honey! and thank you so so so much, you made my day xx

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Anonymous: Hi, I'm going to Spain/Italy for a week in October, do you think you could do some outfits for the week? X

Check out our vacation and trip tag! I think they’ll help you and have a wonderful time there xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: hello! could you find some similar shoes like these? /post/90396731207/leaving-a-music-studio-london-30-06-2014 thanks :)

These are very similar! You can check out these, these and these one too :)

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