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Anonymous: can you give me an inspired for my wwa concert im getting my outfit tomorrow and could you include high waisted shorts :)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and check our concert tag, we have a bunch of outfits there xx

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jadesyxlerrie: can you show me some hippy styles that Perrie used to wear please

done xx

23 hours ago
aminaa1996: Hi could you please link me to your hippie tag? Or if you have some time, could you do some new hippie outfits? Like with accessoires and hairstyles included? :) Btw i love your blog <3

done :) thank you! xx

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Anonymous: Hii I'm on mobile can you link me to the converse tag please?? Thanks!

here xx

23 hours ago
Anonymous: Can you do an inspired grunge prom look(s)??

i don’t know much about grunge, so i hope these outfits are suitable and you like them! xx

23 hours ago
Anonymous: Hi could you post some of perries exacts still available that would be suitable for a party please? Thank you!!xx

done xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: Im planning on dyeing my hair the way perries hair colour is now, what colour should I tell the hairdresser so I can get the colour closest to hers or what picture should I bring in?

I would show these photos. I think is always better to show some photos to the hairdresser when you want to achieve somebody’s look xx

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