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Anonymous: what are you're guys favorite outfits that perrie has worn?

i tried to make some cool posts but the photos appear a bit low quality, i’m sorry for that. oh and i have more outfits maybe i’ll do a post at night haha xx

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Favorite Perrie Edwards Outfits - Part 3

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Favorite Perrie Edwards Outfits - Part 2

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Favorite Perrie Edwards Outfits - Part 1

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Backstage at Blackpool | 29/08/2014

Perrie was wearing these boots from Shellys London.

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Anonymous: Should I get a Polaroid or Laptop?

lovely i can’t decide this for you! you are the only one that knows what you really need in this moment! xx

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Performing at Blackpool Illuminations | 29/08/2014

Perrie was wearing this top and these shorts from Nasty Gal and these boots from Dr. Martens.

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Anonymous: Don't listen to what some people might say. Your blog is fantastic. If people have the time to try and bring you down then they aren't happy with their own boring lives. Again, LOVE your blog x



Thank you lovely! This things still annoy me alot, i mean how hypocrite i would be if last week i was talking bad about people who won’t give credit and after it i would do the same? if you follow me for a while you’ve notice that i even credit anons, so i don’t get why someone send me this. thank you for all the support and for this message <3<3<3

Some people are lovely to others and some are just idiots. The world we live in…

so true, we just have to lean how to live with idiots i guess xx

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Anonymous: where are you from?XX

i’m from portugal xx Joana

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Anonymous: can you do an inspired jean jacket post, but can they be on the cheaper side?

done xx

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