With a fan | 23/07/2014

Perrie was wearing this kimono from Zara and these sunglasses from Asos.

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Anonymous: Can wait for you to tell who wins!

you’ll have to wait a few more days haha but i’m actually really excited!

22 hours ago
Anonymous: I'm going to be 15 in august and I'll go to a restaurant with my parents and some friends. Can you suggest an outfit/ makeup/ hairstyle? Pretty please x the weather is umm normal? hehe

i would do my makeup similar to these but without the fake lashes xx

22 hours ago
Anonymous: Are you leaning towards someone already? :)

i actually didn’t read any application, i want to read all at once! I think is more fair that way xx

22 hours ago
Anonymous: Outfits for frat parties in San Diego (warm weather but can get cool at night) xx

done xx

22 hours ago
Anonymous: Could you do some perrie inspired white top outfits please? x

12, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 

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Anonymous: Do you know where is the jean that she wear with a black low top from Topshop?

do you have a link to the photo? i didn’t understood what outfit you’re looking xx

22 hours ago
Anonymous: how many coowner apps do u have

5 xx

22 hours ago
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