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Anonymous: Hi could you possibly do an inspired on winter cardigans please, thankyou ☺️

done xx

2 hours ago
Anonymous: What would you recommend to a chubby girl?

please check our plus size tag, i think it’ll help you! xx

3 hours ago with 1 note
Anonymous: What would you personally wear to an outside stadium concert? It might be hot

I hope you like my personal style :) xx

3 hours ago with 1 note
Anonymous: could you do an inspired with baggy sweaters for fall/winter?? thank you! love your blog xx

done :) thank you! xx

3 hours ago
Anonymous: Can you do an inspired for a you me at six concert. Nothing showy like shorts though thanks xx ps this blog is fantastic. People underestimate how much effort you put into it sometimes

Done :) thank you for your support, it’s really important for us!! <3<3

3 hours ago
Anonymous: iPhone 5c Cases pleaseeeeee (btw I'm on my phone) xoxo ily 🐢😘😋


3 hours ago
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